Sean White for Congress

This campaign is about getting the influence of money out of politics and not about one candidate, but Sean White is running this campaign, so vote for Sean and he will focus on getting the influence of money out of politics and exposing how money is corrupting out democracy.

You can learn about Sean by looking at his resume here:


What you can do

Everyone complains about the system being rigged by the super-rich. You can always take action. Even though running against the money seems like an insurmountable uphill battle, it can make a difference. If enough normal people who did not accept campaign contributions ran for office, it is conceivable that the idea of voting for candidates that do not take money would be a good enough of an idea that it could go viral. There is enough nonsense on youtube that goes viral, then why not a campaign to vote for candidates that will not accept money. Help create a virus that will spread!

When the idea of voting for those who do not take money becomes viral, then we can focus on governing for the people, by the people. In the meantime, we have a system that rewards campaign contributors with policy.
— Sean White, US Congress Candidate

Are you properly represented?

  • Does your congressman take money from the super-rich that need votes to make policy?
  • Does your congressman spend more time raising money than legislating like most do these days?
  • Does your congressman spend millions of dollars on getting elected and re-elected?
  • Does your congressman answer phone calls from out of state donors before he answers your phone calls?
  • Does your congressman get taken out to dinner by Washington DC lobbyists?
  • Would you be better represented if you gave your congressman $10,000?
  • Does your congressman look for bipartisan solutions or vote shut down government?
  • Does your congressman's voting record economically represent people that make less than $1 million per year?