The first step to getting money out of politics is understanding how money makes us vote. Once we realize how money makes us vote, we can intentionally not vote for people that use extensively researched expensive tricks that make people check the box of the candidate that is on the take.

Look for leading signs of candidates taking big bucks from banks that brought you the mortgage crisis, energy monopolies that overcharge you and hedge fund managers that profit from government bail-outs.

Here are the signs of a candidate on the take:

  1. Colored road signs littering intersections

  2. Hit pieces in your mailbox

  3. Expensive TV advertisements

  4. Endorsements (most endorsements would not be had without a candidate raising money)

  5. Checking or

It is up to US to end the cycle. Intentionally vote for the candidate that takes the least amount of money.

Vote based on the corrupt influence of money.

Vote for whoever raised the least amount.

Level the field.


“We can get money out of politics by voting for candidates who take the least amount of money. We can easily find the numbers on the Internet and then cast our votes. This will change everything.”
— Sean White

Voting Against legalized bribery

  1. Check
  2. Check the Federal Elections Commission website
  3. Write down the candidates that take the least amount of money
  4. Vote for those who are the least bought


Money, endorsements and corporate ownership of politicians:

Slates:  There is a slate game going on. You will get slates in your mailbox that were paid for by the candidates endorsed. That's right, it might look and sound like a Democrat or Republican slate, but there are companies who sell people with money a spot on the slate. Slates are misleading and do not fall for the slate game.

The Endorsement Game: Endorsements are very much like a campaign contribution. Politicians are making deals right now for endorsements. Once they get the endorsement, they will owe a political favor to that endorser. Here is how the deal goes: How bad do you want that endorsement, because this is what you have to do to get it. You are owned by us now.

Human Ownership: Human ownership is wrong, even when it is a corporation owning an unethical politician. Vote for the candidate taking the least amount of bribes in all elections. Free politicians from corporate ownership! Find out about the bribes at


Be a Detective

Look for the signs of politician ownership and help others understand that the more you see a politicians name on paid for junk, the more that politician is bought.

Educate others on how to spot the "bought politician" by seeing the "junk" for what it is.

Help others learn to vote for their own interests rather than the interests of the politician owners club.