Much money is spent to influence your vote. Your current congressman has already raised over a half of a million dollars as of March 2016 for this election season. He has raised millions more for previous elections to get your vote.

See the evidence soon coming to your mailbox in the form of junk mail.

Here is where some of his money comes from according to :

Citizens United         

Occidental Petroleum


Credit Union Association

American Bankers Association

Valero Energy

Exxon Mobil

Western Mutual Insurance

College Loan Corp

Koch Industries

Sierra Pacific Industries

Silver State Pharmaceuticals

Northrop Grumman


Direct TV

Solar City



Wells Fargo



Resource Capital

Wall Mart


University of California


Home Depot



Here are the major zip codes of where some of his money comes from according to :

92660 (Newport Beach, CA)$140,681

95762 (El Dorado Hills, CA)$66,720

95746 (Granite Bay, CA)$57,982

91324 (Northridge, CA)$55,250

92610 (Foothill Ranch, CA)$53,850

92658 (Newport Beach, CA)$52,400

95662 (Orangevale, CA)$50,600

90266 (Manhattan Beach, CA)$47,350

91361 (Westlake Village, CA)$46,800

94024 (Los Altos, CA)$44,450

95864 (Sacramento, CA)$44,022

93654 (Reedley, CA)$43,000

93460 (Santa Ynez, CA)$42,000

95648 (Lincoln, CA)$41,250

91108 (San Marino, CA)$39,900

90272 (Pacific Palisades, CA)$39,700

90402 (Santa Monica, CA)$32,784

94402 (San Mateo, CA)$32,150

95661 (Roseville, CA)$29,900

90274 (Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA)$29,575


Most of this money is not from the district he represents.


Check out all of those who "represent" you and who are running for office at:


You can easily research where the money is coming from and how the system works.

Read the book: Nation on the Take, How Big Money Corrupts our Democracy This book was just published in March of 2016 and shows you in detail how the influence of money on politics is growing at an exponential rate.

What will a politician do to get elected? How much will it take? Where will the money come from? How much time will it take to raise millions? Why will the corporations give millions?

This district is supposed to represent 10 counties in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Mariposa, Tuolumne, Fresno, Madera, Nevada and Placer counties.

Someone who lives in the district should represent the district. Strange how our laws let someone that lives outside the counties in the district "represent" the counties in the district.

Your particular congressman is not being mentioned by name on this page. This is not a problem with an individual congressman. This is a systemic failure of the political system that would have our founding fathers rolling over in their graves. Around the world America is viewed as a plutocracy, which means governed by the extremely wealthy (not millionaires, billionaires). Let's show them that this is not the case.

This campaign is not about an individual or a political party, it is about a way to change the system from one that is ruled by the lobbyists, corporations and individuals that pay for our politicians to a system envisioned by our founding fathers. 

Think of this... If you were a politician begging for money, how would you feel?